Friday, September 23, 2011

Shelter From The Storm

Today, Fall officially begins!! Which of course was the inspiration for today's drawing. And although it's been raining all day, it reminded me of what a perfect season it is to stay warm and snuggle up with the ones you love! :)
8" x 10"    

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

LYS Sports Academy Jackets

This post is one I've been wanting to share for some time now. A few years back I created a character design for a local volleyball club. They had asked me to come up with a "logo" type design, using a popular Ukrainian  character named "Lys Mykyta". Lys is the Ukrainian word for fox, and the character is based on the famous fairytale by the legendary Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko. The logo appears on the teams website as well as embroidered on jackets worn by the players in the league. As an illustrator it is always neat to see your artwork reproduced and in this case seeing it so nicely embroidered on the jackets was great!

"Lys Mykyta"

LYS Sports Academy Jackets
embroidered detail