Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mr. Groundhog book in Silver City Sun- News!

Governor Susan Martinez reads "Mr. Groundhog Wants the Day Off" to the first graders of Harrison Schmitt and Central Elementary. Photo courtesy of Silver City Sun- News

I was so delighted to read an article today, written by Christine Steele of the Silver City Sun-News, that included "Mr. Groundhog Wants the Day Off".  The article was about Governor Susan Martinez, of New Mexico, spending time in a first grade classroom reading the book to students; distributing a copy to each student; and encouraging them to continue reading. It was such an honor to have one of my books be a part of such a wonderful event. :) Read the full article Here.

 Governor Susana Martinez gives first graders at Central Elementary a copy of "Mr. Groundhog Wants the Day Off." Photo courtesy of Silver City Sun- News