Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blessed :)

This post is not about my artwork, but simply a moment in my life that I had to share. Working my second day at a part time job, I  had routinely helped a customer out. Thinking nothing more of it than, he was a kind older gentleman who I was happy to help. He said thank you, smiled, and I went on my way to put away merchandise. Less than a minute later he approached me with this folded piece of paper .......

As he opened it he said, "Thank you for all your help :) ," and I saw this wonderful paper cut art unfold before my very eyes!!! I was speechless to say the least and felt so blessed that he was handing it to me. In that short amount of time, he had created this beautiful little bird taking flight right off the page! It turns out that he is a local paper cut artist.  I regret not having a pen to write down his name, because a busy day caused me to forget it. One thing is for certain, even if I don't find him again, I will never forget this moment and the way it filled my heart with never-ending love and joy :)

 "So speak kind to a stranger
cause you'll never know
it just might be an angel come
knockin' at your door
knockin' at your door"
-Ben Harper


  1. VERY cool! This guy's a genius in cut paper, it's beautiful :)

  2. I know right!?!? My heart just melted when I saw it. I swear he reminded me of Dennis and was just so sweet!! Next time I go into work I'm gonna ask the manager if she still has the business card he gave her. I would love to see more of his stuff and I'll send it along to you when i find out :)